PSX 2015: Ace Combat 7 Announced for PS4 & PlayStation VR, Watch the Trailer

Wrapping up Sony’s PlayStation VR showcase at PlayStation Experience 2015, Sony announced Ace Combat 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

In the press release, Bandai Namco said, “Putting gamers in the cockpit of the most advanced war planes ever developed, Ace Combat 7 delivers the fiercest air combat experience ever through photorealistic visuals, intense dog-fighting action, a multitude of authentic and futuristic aircraft to fly, and an immersive storyline.”

Developed using Unreal Engine 4 and trueSKY technology, Ace Combat 7 “leverages the power of the newest generation gaming consoles and is poised to blow players away with the latest evolution of its graphics engine.”

You’ll also find a campaign and online multiplayer.

“PlayStation 4 players will be further immersed in Ace Combat 7’s realism through exclusive features developed specifically for the Sony PlayStation VR,” they add.