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PlayStation VR Shooter World War Toons Gets New Trailer and Details

A new PlayStation Experience 2015 trailer has been released for PS VR shooter, World War Toons, which shows what this “family-friendly FPS” is all about. The game is being developed by Reload Studios, which comprises of ex-Call of Duty devs alongside former Disney and Marvel veteran animators.

We’re told that the game was a “huge success” on the PS VR back at E3 2015, and is not only designed to appeal to VR enthusiasts, but also to FPS fans. However, designing World War Toons for VR hasn’t been easy since traditional FPS controls are difficult to implement. Over on the PlayStation blog, the developer wrote:

We realized early on that the traditional FPS controls that utilised both thumb sticks would not work since that’s a sure-fire recipe for simulation sickness. We’ve tried countless control schemes, and have a new one that only uses the left thumb stick in a four-directional movement. This way the controls still feel comfortable for FPS enthusiasts and, most importantly, lets players use strafing movement that’s so important to FPS controls WITHOUT making you feel sick. It’s true, no fooling.

World War Toons has a new level called “Dread Zepplin,” which pits enemies against each other in a King of the Hill battle set on a “massive” airborne battleship. “All players have to do is control the point long enough for the cannon to destroy their enemy’s ships. The first team to destroy all three enemy ships wins,” says Reload. 

Finally, the developer also unveiled a new character for the game – a Sniper armed with an M1 Garand, which comes with an “interesting ability” designed for VR.

When he looks through the scope, he sees his opponents’ heads as cartoonishly HUGE! Without risking sim sickness in VR from rapid zooming, this allows him keep his focus on the game around him and make those ever-important headshots.

We’re likely to see more of the game this weekend so stay tuned to PSLS for the full PlayStation Experience 2015 coverage. In the meantime, check out our recent interview with Reload Studios where we talked about World War Toons, PS VR, and more.

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