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Bethesda Game Studios Talks Future Slate, No Intention of Making Small Games

Fallout 4 may be taking precedent at Bethesda Game Studios as the developer preps the RPG’s Season Pass, but that hasn’t prevented the team from dreaming up new ideas for future games. 

In an interview with Wired, Game Director Todd Howard teased Bethesda’s future slate post-Fallout 4 and why, after years spent across The Elders Scrolls and Fallout series, it has no plans on “making small things.”

The timing of your question, because we just wrapped up Fallout 4, I definitely need a break. But that’s normal. And after that, I just see so many things that we could do. I like to make big games, the team likes to make big games. We have lots of ideas. We plan on taking a break and coming back and finding out where those ideas take us. But no–we definitely don’t plan on making small things.

The comprehensive piece goes on to explore Howard’s formative years at Bethesda and is a must-read for fans of the studio. Fallout 4‘s maiden expansion, meanwhile, is expected in early 2016. 

Where would you like to see Bethesda Game Studios go next?

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