New Hot Shots Golf on PS4 Includes Free Roaming & Character Creation, See It in Action

A working title right now, New Hot Shots Golf for PlayStation 4 was playable at PlayStation Experience 2015, and you can see gameplay footage beginning at 3:00 of the above video.

On the PlayStation Blog, Tomoyo Kimura, Assistant ISD Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment America, said New Hot Shots Golf adds character creation and customization, a robust online experience, free roaming on the golf courses, and the ability to drive golf carts everywhere.

Instead of unlocking new characters, New Hot Shots Golf starts off with you creating and dressing your own golfer, choosing from “a deep set of customization tools.” By playing and completing certain tasks, you’ll be able to level up your golfer and increase strength, putting precision, and more.

Kimura continued by talking about the courses and online play:

New Hot Shots Golf will include a variety of golf courses set in a variety of environments. And rather than being automatically transported to the tee for each hole, all golf courses will be free roaming, meaning you can walk around, explore, and more anywhere you want. Take a spin in your golf cart, or stop by the pond and try to catch a few fish. And you’ll see other online players going about their business as well.

Aside from just solo play, New Hot Shots Golf will offer a wide variety of connected online gameplay modes on PlayStation Network. You can unlock rewards by completing missions, compete in matches and tournaments, or play cooperatively with others. At PlayStation Experience we showed off a new team-based mode where players try to complete as many holes as possible within an allotted amount of time.

A PS4 exclusive, New Hot Shots Golf doesn’t have a release window in North America/Europe, but it is coming to Japan in 2016.

So far, the Hot Shots Golf series has sold 14.3 million copies across all PlayStation platforms.

[Source: PS Blog]