Black Friday 2015 Was “The Most Successful” in PlayStation’s History, Andrew House Reveals

Without giving away sales figures, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House revealed to the Financial Times that Black Friday 2015 was the most successful in their history:

We’ve just seen the most successful Black Friday in the company’s history. We are now trying to benchmark against the success of the PlayStation 2 – or exceed it if possible.

Adding that “rumors of the demise of the console have been greatly exaggerated,” House was “hesitant to predict” whether the PS4 could outsell the PS2, because “the cadence at which people expect innovation” is faster.

Since the PS4 is at 30.2 million sold worldwide, it would need to move over 120 million more units to catch the PS2.

While Sony won Black Friday in the UK by 5,000 units, things may be different in the United States, as Microsoft reported “record Xbox One sales in the US” during the week. We’ll know exactly who won November when the NPD’s results come out later this month.

[Source: Financial Times, AFR, Xbox News via VG247]