Sharefactory Update 1.07 Today Adds Time Lapse & Slow Motion, App at 5.1 Million Downloads

Now available to download on PlayStation 4, Sharefactory update 1.07 adds many highly requested features, including time lapse, slow motion, and Events.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get with the latest update, as explained by Sony’s Stuart Platt:

Time Bender

One of the biggest features we’re proud to add is Time Bender, which enables players to add slow motion and time lapse effects to their Sharefactory videos. This has been the most popular feature request for Sharefactory — we can’t wait to see how you’ll use this in future videos.

Sharefactory Events

We’re also adding Sharefactory Events, which will be held by your favorite game developers and publishers. They’ll lay out specific video creation requirements and you get to show off your editing skills. And just a heads up, the first event is being planned now and we’ll have more details soon.

Other Features

  • Layering for stickers and text (now referred to as overlays)
  • 2 new music tracks
  • 3 new filter effects
  • 3 new wipe transitions and 5 new dissolve transitions
  • New Color Picker. Text color is no longer constrained to a limited color palette
  • Also, we’re expanding the number of clips you can to add your Sharefactory projects to 50, and the number of music track clips has been expanded to 12.

Since Sharefactory launched last year, the app has seen more than 5.1 million downloads, with more than 18.9 million projects created.

If you haven’t grabbed them yet, there are a number of free Sharefactory themes available on the PlayStation Store, including ones based on Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 multiplayer, Destiny, and more.

[Source: PS Blog]