SHAREfactory Now Only Allows GTA V Footage to Be Uploaded to YouTube

SHAREfactory will be getting some changes — one already came with the 2.55 system update, and others will come with the 1.06 application update.

Sony’s Stuart Platt took to Twitter to reveal the changes to SHAREfactory, and noted that with the 2.55 system update, players have no longer been able to upload Grand Theft Auto V clips to any platform except YouTube. He explained that the change is not a bug, but it is, in fact, an intended feature.

Platt also mentioned that SHAREfactory update 1.06 will fix a number of different bugs when it releases soon, but it will not add any new features. However, Sony is “hard at work on 1.07.”

What do you think of the SHAREfactory changes? Are you bummed that GTA V videos will only be able to be uploaded to YouTube?

[Source: Stuart Platt (Twitter)]