Best of 2015 Game Awards – Music Game

The PlayStation LifeStyle “Best of 2015 Game Awards” keep on trucking along! Yesterday we announced the best racing game of 2015, a hot pursuit with four fantastic nominees battling hard for first place. Today we’ll be naming the best music game of 2015.

While the rhythm game genre had been quiet for a long while, 2015 was apparently the time to rock out once again, with or without plastic guitars held in a firm grasp. Whatever your music tastes, there was something for everyone. For those about to rock, or dance, we salute you!


Check out the gallery below for our nominees for the best music game of 2015, and of course, the winner, too. In case you’re wondering, the winner is decided by the staff (staff votes) and not just based on the game with the highest review score.

Do you agree with our pick? Which game is your best music title for 2015? Stay tuned tomorrow for another category award!