Shuhei Yoshida Addresses Negative Internet Comments, Says “Everybody Loves to Hate Me Now”

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games at PlayStation Experience, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the toughest part of his job is jet lag due to the monthly trips he’s taking around the world to promote PlayStation VR.

One of the more active higher-ups at Sony on Twitter, and one of the PR faces of PlayStation, Yoshida also mentioned he receives a lot of negative messages through social media. “Everybody loves to hate me now,” he said.

Shuhei continued:

It’s a tough job, but it’s a fun job as well. It’s been great to be able to talk directly to people. And we get a direct, immediate and spontaneous response from people, whatever we announce.

So, mostly good [comments], but sometimes it’s disappointing for some people, and some people get really angry and send me hate tweets.

He added that other people in the same community “tell those people that hate speech on the internet doesn’t help the cause. So there’s some mutual support… it’s great to be part of that conversation. But I don’t like [the] same person tweeting to me again and again and again.”

Shuhei went on to say that, more often than not, when he directly replies to those angry people, they “quickly calm down” because they weren’t expecting him to actually respond.

Switching topics, Shuhei brought up that the last couple of days were tough for him, because he knows some of the die-hard fans may have been frustrated with the lack of major announcements at PSX:

I can see some pain from the people who are expecting some announcement that didn’t happen. These people feel ignored.

We are not just announcing everything that we are doing, or we are not doing. But some people who want to know what’s going on, what’s our plans, it must be frustrating and disappointing for those people. Those people are really passionate.

Over on Twitter, Shuhei said his Game of the Year is Bloodborne.

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