Shawn Layden Levels On PSX 2015’s Abrupt Ending, Hopes to Build Event Into an Annual Show

Now that the dust has settled on Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2015, all involved have taken time to reflect on the announcements, trailers and the somewhat controversial ending. 

In closing out with Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA Paragon, many fans were left questioning whether Sony had initially planned  a different ending that was pulled at the eleventh hour, but it appears that isn’t the case. At least, that’s according to Sony Computer Entertainment America President Shawn Layden, who noted that he opted against coming back onto the stage following the finale because he felt it was the “drop the mic moment.”

That ending, that closure from Epic for Paragon…In a typical show I do the opening and I do the closing. But that Paragon video is so powerful. I did not want to go on after that. You didn’t want me coming and saying, ‘Thank you for coming and please enjoy the games.’ Let that thing close it, that was drop the mic moment, that was fabulous. I am really happy with the guys at Epic and what [they] are going to bring to the PlayStation 4.

That doesn’t answer for the absence of a certain Shuhei Yoshida, though. Nevertheless, elsewhere in the stream it was revealed that the event had “officially sold out,” leading Layden to champion PlayStation Experience’s chances of becoming an annual show.

What were your thoughts on Sony’s PSX 2015 keynote?

[Sources: PlayStation via gamingbolt