Sony’s Scott Rohde Teases Status of Santa Monica, Sucker Punch’s Unannounced PS4 Games

Sony has a healthy amount of first-party software in development – it’s just too soon to talk about it in great detail. 

Sony Worldwide Studios American Boss Scott Rohde sat down with Colin Moriarty of Kinda Funny Games to discuss the company’s portfolio of first-party studios and, more importantly, what they’re working on.

Part of said interview covered Sony Bend Studio’s PS4 game, which appears to be coming along well, though Rohde was later quizzed about the status of both Sony Santa Monica and Sucker Punch’s in-development titles. First up, the latter: 

They’re somewhere in that process — on the earlier end. It’s more recent, after the finished [inFamous] Second Son and First Light. And again, Shu [Shuhei Yoshia] did play it, and I’ve played it — and it’s fun! But even the things that we played at this early stage doesn’t exactly mean that that’s what it’s going to be. 

It’s unclear at this stage whether said game is another installment in the inFamous franchise. When pressed for further clarity, Rohde noted that Sucker Punch’s open world action is never off the table: “We’re never going to retire an IP. As a personal favorite of mine, we’re always going to be open to that.”

Switching gears to Santa Monica Studio, the Sony executive offered a brief status update revealing that, again, it’s too early in the project’s timeline to showcase anything in earnest. 

Again, I’m super excited about the progress, it’s just not the time to tell you about it in detail yet. But I am really excited about where it’s going. 

What do you think Sucker Punch and Santa Monica are cooking up?

[Source: Kinda Funny Games (YouTube)]