Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Going Well, Scenario of the First Part Is Complete

Square Enix may not have announced a release window for Final Fantasy VII Remake yet, but development is going well, with members of the development team revealing that the scenario for part one is complete up until its ending.

Speaking in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu (via Gematsu), developers on the remake added that Square Enix has an idea how many installments they want to release for Final Fantasy VII Remake, they just aren’t at a point where they can talk about it yet.

As announced earlier this month, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a multi-part release because, as Producer Yoshinori Kitase said, “Producing a proper HD remake of Final Fantasy VII that maintains the same feeling of density of the original would result in a volume of content that couldn’t possibly fit into one installment.”

Other pieces of information from Famitsu include that they want to dig deeper into Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie; Cloud’s hallucinations will be more meaningful; and, aside from Limit Breaks, there is another unique system. It isn’t able to be shown yet, but it will differ depending on your fighting style.

The Kingdom Hearts team is also providing assistance with Unreal Engine 4, as they’re using it for Kingdom Hearts 3.

At this time, Square Enix isn’t talking about online, and they haven’t decided anything about guarding yet.

Kitase teased their progress on the remake last week when he said, “It was great to see so much excitement when we surprised everyone with the first gameplay footage and it was a treat for us to show that development is going well, and further along than perhaps many had realized.”

[Source: Famitsu, Square Enix via Gematsu]