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Star Wars Darth Maul Game by Red Fly Most Likely Won’t Be Happening

Back in October, we reported on developer Red Fly pitching a Star Wars game to EA based on Darth Maul, which it originally pitched to Lucas Arts.

Given that EA now owns the rights to make games based on the Star Wars brand for the next few years, Red Fly is, or was, hoping that it could convince the publisher to consider backing such a game, but sadly, it’s not happening.

In an interview with Game Informer, Red Fly founder Dan Borth revealed quite a few details about his studio’s cancelled Darth Maul game, and how it most likely will never get made with the Star Wars brand.

Game Informer: When we last talked, you said you were hoping to talk to EA or Lucasfilm? Has this happened?

Dan Borth: I never personally talked to them, but they sounded pretty non-interested. I think the whole thing could be summed up with “No comment.” We didn’t even have a conversation, really, and I think the thing that is most depressing is that we didn’t even really talk about it. I don’t know if that’s because they’re just taking the “no comment” approach, or what. I don’t know if they’re angry. It really feels like [EA] has an exclusive party going on, and they’re just not interested in talking about anyone else joining the party. There’s no special case scenario to where they would say, “Well, they worked on this with George Lucas for however long, and a lot of money has been put into this, let’s take a look.” There’s none of that, which is all I kind of wanted. It’s more like, “Nobody outside of EA is going to do stuff, end of story.”

What’s more, according to Borth confirms that he also had a talk with Lucasfilm, which also gave him the “not interested” line.

I had a conversation with Lucasfilm. It was basically the same response. “Not interested,” and it seems the added attention from Reddit was annoying them.

Yes, I think EA and Lucasfilm aren’t interested in Darth Maul. They’re moving forward, not backwards. More power to them.

Well, there you have it. Don’t expect Red Fly’s Darth Maul game anytime soon. Heck, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any game that has Darth Maul as the focus if I were you. 

Those interested on how the game looks and sorta plays should check the video above. 

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