Guns Up! Has More Than 200,000 Players, Update 2.03 Coming Soon

After reaching more than 20,000 players in just two days, Guns Up! (our review), the free-to-play PlayStation 4 military strategy game from Valkyrie Entertainment and Sony San Diego, now has over 200,000 players.

Released on December 5, Guns Up! can be downloaded through the PlayStation Store, with PlayStation Plus members getting exclusive access to a free DLC pack that includes 5 Rare Card Packs, 50 Attack XP Boost, 50 Attack Munitions Boost, 50 Attack Card Boost, 5 Attack Ranger Unit Rental, and 5 Attack Rocket Launcher Rental.

Guns Up! is supported with micro-transactions ranging from $4.99 – $49.99, which give you in-game Gold to purchase items.

For current players of Guns Up!, update 2.03 is coming soon and includes these changes:


  • Retaliation now shows a preview of the enemy base
  • Added Last Stand command cards
  • Added server maintenance notifications


  • Fixed graphical issues with icons in ‘Customization’ UI
  • Fixed pathfinding issue that lead to units being unable to move further
  • Fixed audio issue at end of CPU Defend and Wave Defend
  • Improved response time of in-game leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some players to re-play the tutorial and get stuck
  • Fixed exploit in CPU Defend, all leaderboard scores earned before 2.03 will be capped at 20 minutes.
  • General bug fixing

As for another PS4 title, the Drawn to Death private beta is live, with the official Twitter account listing codes for access.

Are you one of the 200,000+ players in Guns Up!?

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