Phil Spencer: Xbox One Cloud Computing Power Available to All, Including PS4 Games

Azure, the cloud-based technology owned by Microsoft, can be used to power any games regardless of platform. 

That’s according to Xbox Games Boss Phil Spencer, who addressed the topic directly upon replying to a fan via Twitter. When asked whether Titanfall 2 will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and utilize Azure, Spencer revealed that such services are available for any game, “even other platform’s exclusives.”

Aware that he didn’t answer the original question, Spencer admitted that he simply couldn’t divulge any information regarding Respawn’s in-development sequel: “I know people want me to comment on specific 3rd party games, I just can’t. Sorry.”

If Titanfall 2 is indeed designed to be a multi-platform game, will the shooter bring Azure to PlayStation 4 and PC? 

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