Rock Band 4 Leaderboards Will Be Wiped in January Due to Overdrive Exploit

When the Rock Band 4 January update goes live next month, Harmonix will be wiping the leaderboards due to some “gnarly bugs.”

Along with more clothing assets for your characters and an enhancement to one of the game modes, Harmonix says the January update includes a change to their codebase that will “dramatically improve the integrity and stability of leaderboard scores.”

Acknowledging that Rock Band 4 shipped with some gnarly bugs, Harmonix specifically pointed to an issue where experienced drummers can double-deploy overdrive by hitting the free Overdrive gems at the end of dynamic drum fills. Thanks to feedback, they’re fixing these exploits, but it also means they have to wipe all of the leaderboard scores for all songs. This is because “we’re making improvements that affect almost every song, instrument, and difficulty in the game.”

Harmonix then talked about what’s next for the exploits:

Finally, Step Three involves an adjustment to our code that will allow us, in the future, to address song-specific bugs and issue targeted leaderboard wipes. We’ll also be rolling out some score fidelity fixes to individual songs. These individual fixes will continue through the spring.

Since only the high scores you’ve posted to leaderboards are being wiped, you don’t have to worry about losing data on your local saves. Harmonix says you’ll also keep the ‘song plays’ stat on the Player Stats screen, the accuracy and star count for your highest-scoring performances to date will still display, and that “these stats will be replaced the first time you re-play each song after the update goes live.”

Finally, the January update will enable all scores you earn on songs in Play a Show mode to be posted to leaderboards.

If you’re having trouble downloading legacy DLC, calibrating your instruments, or playing Rock Band 4, Harmonix posted a number of videos on YouTube to help.

[Source: Harmonix]