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Shadow Hearts Creator Reveals He’s Working on New Game, Talks Remasters and More

Italian website Geek Gamer recently held an interview with Shadow Hearts creator Matsuzo Machida, who has revealed that he’s working on a new game. Unfortunately, he couldn’t divulge any details but he did say that he’d “love to create a Western adaptation of it.” Asked if any of the Shadow Hearts games would be remastered, Machida said that although there aren’t any such projects in the pipeline, he will “continue to work hard with the rest of the staff” to make it possible one day. 

While Shadow Hearts III was never a thing, Machida shared some thoughts on how things could go in the would-be title:

Shadow Hearts III doesn’t exist yet but I don’t think that the bad ending of part II is the real conclusion.

I can’t tell you exactly what inspired that, but I’m sure that Yuri, after seeing the destiny of part II, will lead Shadow Hearts I towards a good ending, proving that the actual conclusion of part II is a positive one. I’m sure about that.

You can see a translation of the full interview in the video above, where Machida also shares his thoughts on crowdfunding.

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