The Catch-Up: Gaming in 2015

The Woods are bringing you your week’s PlayStation news recap via The Catch-Up! Click the video above to enjoy your weekly PlayStation news, reviews, and features round-up, hosted by D’yani and Chandler Wood!

This time we’re shaking it up! It’s the start of the year, so we’re looking back at some of the big game news from 2015 and recapping it for you. You can visit the hub pages below to see collections of stories from throughout the year, and watch the video for a quick overview of gaming in 2015.

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News Hubs

Uncharted 4 Hub

Naughty Dog Hub

No Man’s Sky Hub

PlayStation VR Hub

Metal Gear Solid V Hub

Hideo Kojima Hub

Konami Hub

Bethesda Hub

Fallout 4 Hub

Mass Effect Andromeda Hub

Final Fantasy XV Hub

Vita Hub

Call of Duty Hub

Final Fantasy VII Remake Hub

Destiny Hub

PlayStation Anniversary Hub

This is no way a definitive list, and there was tons more that happened in 2015. Anything you want to mention? Feel free to share it down in the comments, then join us again next week to catch up on our weekly PlayStation news, reviews, and features!