Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus Issue in Europe With History: Legends of War

When the January 2016 PlayStation Plus free games went live in Europe on Tuesday, some users noticed that the PlayStation Portable version of History: Legends of War, titled Patton’s Campaign, was being given away, rather than the PlayStation Vita version.

After some investigating, PlayStation Europe has fixed the issue:

Heads-up PS Plus members – Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign (PSP) was mistakenly included in January’s Monthly Games. It has now been replaced with History: Legends of War (PS Vita).

You download Legends of War, as well as the other January 2016 PS+ titles, by heading over to the PlayStation Store.

However, as PlayStation Blog Manager Fred Dutton added, some European countries are unable to access the Vita version:

All Plus members, including those who have already downloaded Legends of War Patton’s Campaign, can now download History Legends of War as part of their Monthly Games. History Legends of War is not currently available for our members in Australia, New Zealand, and Russia, however we are working to make it available for these regions as soon as possible and will share an update on this in due course.

As a result of the PlayStation Network downtime earlier this week, Sony will be extending PS+ memberships. Stay tuned for more details as they arrive.

Have you played any of the January 2016 PS+ titles? What do you think of them?

[Source: PlayStation Europe (Twitter), PS Blog]