The Banner Saga PS4 Launch Trailer Reminds You How Gorgeous It Looks, Surprise Hinted at for Today (Update)


The official The Banner Saga Twitter account revealed what the surprise is, and it’s a rap video of The Banner Saga by geek rap artist, Dan Bull. You can check out the video below. Stay tuned to our review set to go up early next week.

Original Story:

In case you didn’t know, one of the most beautiful games I think I’ve laid my eyes on will be out next week. And yep, I’m of course, referring to tactical RPG, The Banner Saga. 

Want proof? Go check out The Banner Saga PS4 launch trailer to see how awesome the animation looks in cutscenes and in-game as well. Yep, what you see in the trailer is in-game. Not bad, no? Will the gameplay live up to the visuals? Check out our review set to go live early next week.

Also of note, the official The Banner Saga Twitter account is hinting at something going down later today. Could it be about The Banner Saga 2? Whatever it is, we’ll let you know the moment that nugget of info is revealed.

The Banner Saga is developed by Stoic Studio, with Versus Evil publishing. It will be out on January 12, 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

[Source: The Banner Saga (Twitter)]