Harmonix: Likelihood of Amplitude DLC Hinges on Install Base

Developer Harmonix has touched base on the possibility of releasing DLC for Amplitude

Soliciting questions via a Reddit AMA, the studio’s Community Manager Josh Harrison conceded that the likelihood of paid-for content launching for the game largely depends on its success. Put simply, without an adequate install base, DLC is simply too expensive. 

Per Harmonix:

Right now, as you’ve seen, there’s no plan for DLC. That doesn’t mean there can never be one, just that there isn’t one right now. It depends how well the game sells over the coming weeks/months and what the appetite would be for additional songs through DLC. We also need to consider what the additional tracks could/should/would be.

Would they be more in-house music? Other indie game tracks like the ones from Transistor and Crypt of the Necrodancer? Remixed songs from bonkers-cool musicians that haven’t had songs in video games before? It’s definitely something we’ve thought about, and we really hope that it happens, but it’s too early to say for sure one way or the other right now. Developing DLC is expensive, and even if we’re charging for it, there needs to be a big enough install base for it to make sense.

Further in the thread, the dev also addressed queries regarding bugs, vinyl soundtrack and the release of Amplitude‘s PlayStation 3 version, which is currently “targeting Spring 2016.”

[Source: Reddit]