Croixleur Sigma Hits PS4 on January 19 in North America & Europe

Previously expected in December, Croixleur Sigma from Playism is coming to PlayStation 4 on January 19 in North America and Europe for $14.99.

With the PS4 version, Playism added an increased resolution, a cartoon shader that brings the anime characters to life like never before, new characters, a dress-up system, new weapons, and new animations for the special attacks. It will feature Japanese audio only.

There will be a PlayStation Vita version that follows in early 2016, and it will carry all the same improvements. According to a recent reply on Twitter, Croixleur Sigma will include PS4/PS Vita cross-buy.

Playism’s Nayan Ramachandran talked about the game last month:

In the world of Croixleur Sigma, warriors from each house compete against each other in a bid to take control of the country’s military and political power. They do this by battling through a tower, each level filled with powerful monsters.

Players choose a female warrior and battle through the tower in arena-based character action levels. Players also arm themselves with up to 4 unique swords at a time which can be chained together into powerful and flashy combos.

Croixleur Sigma first released on PC, but for the PS4 version, developer Souvenir Circle has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure PS4 is the best platform to play the game.

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