PlayStation Japan Head Honcho Confident PlayStation VR Won’t Be a Fad

PlayStation 4 isn’t the only hardware entering an important year in 2016, with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita noting that the next twelve months could prove a defining period for PlayStation VR. 

Speaking to Famitsu, Morita-san touched base on numerous facets pertinent to the debut of Sony’s head-mounted device, and why he wants to highlight the potential of PS VR as it nears its consumer launch. To do so, the platform holder is rolling out testing booths for the system across stores and a handful of Asian events, all with the intention of allowing would-be buyers to wrangle with the headset in person before committing to a purchase. 

Even still, PlayStation VR will remain a fixture of the PlayStation ecosystem for years to come, according to Morita, as opposed to releasing as a flash in the pan. 

Outside of virtual reality, Sony Japan’s head honcho also addressed the status of PlayStation Vita, which continues to be “very important” for a younger demographic. Buoyed by the strong sales of Minecraft, Morita-san pointed to the release of Dragon Quest Builders as a marquee title to connect children and their parents on PS Vita. 

Sony is still to lock down a firm release window for PlayStation VR, though all signs currently point to a pre-E3 launch in June. What do you make of Morita’s comments, is VR here to stay?

[Sources: Famitsu via DualShockers