The Division Developer Is “Utilizing Every Tiny Little Cycle of All of the Platforms to Its Maximum”

At the recent press event for The Division, EPN.TV’s Victor Lucas noticed that the PC version seemed to offer more features than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to Creative Director Magnus Jansen, it’s because Ubisoft Massive is getting the most out of every single platform:

With the Snowdrop Engine and what we’re doing, we’re able to get the max out of any platform.

The PC is a super diverse platform, there are so many configurations and so many things that you can have – you can have two monitors, for instance, or three monitors. So, getting the most out of every platform means that, well, then we have to support three monitors on the PC, and then we have to support bigger rendering settings, and we have to support unlocked frame-rate, and we have to support multiple GPUs. Because that’s the thing that platform has.

To us, it’s a matter of pride to be able to support everyone when they invest money and buy our game that we allow them to make the most out of their hardware. We are utilizing every tiny little cycle of all of the platforms to its maximum. That’s a sense of pride of not wasting people’s hardware.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jansen said he’s super pleased that the development team has been allowed enough time to mature The Division and “release something that’s great looking, it’s great running, it’s great playing, it’s fun, it’s fleshed out, and as a first installment on a completely new engine, it looks amazing.”

With the March 8 release fast approaching, Jansen says they are “soon wrapping up what’s going into the box,” and the team is beginning to think about the free post-launch updates (including free content and balancing) and paid DLC.

You’ll be able to play The Division later this month when the closed beta begins on January 29.

[Source: EPN.TV via Victor Lucas (Twitter), Gaming Bolt]