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Ubisoft Partners With Amazon and YouTubers for The Division Live Action Short Film

With The Division’s release day just a few short months away, Ubisoft is ramping up marketing of the title and one of its chief efforts is partnering with Amazon Prime and three YouTubers (Corridor Digital, RocketJump and Devin Supertramp) for a live-action The Division short film titled “The Division: Agent Origins.”

Here’s what the press release mentions of Agent Origins:

Agent Origins is a thrilling live-action narrative short film that brings to life the backstory of four Division agents. Starting on January 19, Amazon Prime members will be able to watch the episode compilation in a thirty-minute short film version with five minutes of exclusive scenes via the Amazon Video app on TV’s, connected devices and mobile devices or online at

Over on its official blog, Ubisoft says Agent Origins will be “a mix of parkour, comedy, martial-arts stuntwork and top-notch special effects.” You can watch Ubisoft’s 10-minute video above which is titled “Escape.”

The live-action shorts are available now on Amazon Prime Video as a free 31-minute supercut with five minutes of exclusive footage.

Don’t forget that The Division beta will launch on January 28, and here’s how to apply to take part in the action.

Check out more details of the short film over on Ubisoft’s blog.

[Source: Ubisoft]