101 Ways to Die Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC on March 23

A physics-based puzzler about killing in style, 101 Ways to Die from developer Four Door Lemon (Joe Danger PS Vita) is releasing for PlayStation 4 on March 23 in North America and Europe, with PC getting it on March 22, and Xbox One on March 24.

Combining strategic and timing-based gameplay, 101 Ways to Die sees you playing as the ethically challenged assistant of Dr Splatunfuder. After an accident left the first draft of Splatunfuder’s death-focused recipe book destroyed, you have to put the fragments back together page by page, kill by kill.

“By utilizing a variety of madcap and deadly implements, players must trap and punish lab-created creatures known as Splatts – before ripping them apart in the most stylish and imaginative ways possible,” Four Door Lemon adds. “And whatever you do, don’t let them escape.”

Here’s the full description:

It’s not about killing… it’s about killing with style!

101 Ways To Die is a physics-based puzzler with a twist – it’s full of dark humour and cartoon gore. As the assistant of an eccentric (and slightly evil) scientist, Professor Splatunfuder, it’s your job to help him in restoring a damaged Recipe book. These aren’t any old cooking Recipes, but Recipes for dispatching your enemies in the most stylish ways possible. The name of the book is 101 Ways To Die!


  • Manipulate the environment to kill the characters
  • Create mutilation, mayhem and destruction by laying brutal combinations of tools
  • A series of bone crunching animations showing your creatures being maimed, sliced, burned, exploded, ripped and impaled
  • 101 delightfully gory Death Recipes to unlock
  • Over 50 blood soaked levels

What do you think of 101 Ways to Die?