Has-Been Heroes Launches in March 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch

A roguelike action-strategy game, Has-Been Heroes is releasing in March 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, developer Frozenbyte and publisher GameTrust announced today. Priced at $19.99 USD digitally and physically, the physical version will be available exclusively at GameStop.

Promising over 30 hours of gameplay, Has-Been Heroes sees two old, battle-worn heroes and a young rogue tasked by the King to escort his twin princesses to magic Academy, on the far side of the world. Along the way you’ll battle enemies, unlock more characters, and obtain new items (200 total) and spells (100 total). If you happen to die in Has-Been Heroes, it’s permanent and you’ll have to start over. “However, death comes bearing gifts, literally!” the description adds.

Here’s the list of features in Has-Been Heroes:

  • Meet the epic band of heroes as the young and eager Rogue and join the company of the giant-wrestling Warrior Crux and Monk Metacles the wise… and many more!
  • Unlock and collect hundreds of game-changing items and spells, boosting the heroes’ powers and making each run unique!
  • Combine spells such as the fiery Burning Blade and poison-infecting Baleful Breeze for devastating effects, learning the power of magic as you gain more elements.
  • Face countless monsters from smelly-breath skeletons to zombies and evil spirits, each bigger and more menacing than the next. Can you wipe out the army of evil led by the Great Ghoul?
  • In roguelike fashion, death is permanent – but you will get another chance! Choose your heroes and tactics wisely, and prepare for battle!

Frozenbyte is also working on Nine Parchments, a co-op blast-em-up.

[Source: GameStop, Frozenbyte]