Livelock Brings Top-Down Co-Op Shooting to PS4, Xbox One & PC in 2016

From publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Tuque Games, Livelock is releasing in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

A fast-paced co-op top-down shooter, Livelock takes you into the 22nd century, the age of the machine, where humanity is fighting for survival. As Clusters – groups of corrupted machines – fight each other in a war over resources, you play as a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded to a large mechanical body. Using weapons and special abilities, you must fight the Clusters and save humanity.

The first buy-to-play game (price TBA) from Perfect World, Livelock was first announced by Tuque Games as World War Machine. Since the partnership took effect, Tuque “has since made development adjustments to focus on delivering a quality co-operative shooter experience.”

Yoon Im of Perfect World Entertainment said:

As a publisher, our focus has always been to work with quality developers and games. Games that we, as gamers, would enjoy playing. Tuque Games has been an amazing partner as we both crafted Livelock into an excellent pick-up and play top-down shooter for single players and friends playing online.

Communications Manager Alex Monney added:

When thinking about Livelock, our teams looked to create something that brought us back to the fun and camaraderie of the arcade days. A game that presents a challenge for even those experienced video game players. While you’ll have a variety of tools to succeed at your disposal, refining your abilities, thinking tactically, and working cooperatively are the only ways to overcome some of our most challenging content. Think less of a bullet hell top-down shooter and more about overcoming overwhelming odds.

In the above trailer you’ll get a look at Hex, one of three playable characters. A participant in a risky experiment to upload his consciousness to a database, Hex is awakened by a Super AI to fight in the war.

[Source: PS Blog]