Spoiler Alert – The Witness Ending and Secret Credits Room

Hello everyone, and welcome to “Spoiler Alert,” a PSLS original feature that gives the PlayStation LifeStyle community a safe place to come and discuss spoilers about various games, while providing spoiler-filled videos of the endings and other major plot points. If you want to see the latest games’ endings and talk about it, you’ve come to the right place!

There are only two reasons you should be here right now. The first is if you have no inkling of any intention to ever play The Witness ever. Ever. Which is not a thing that should happen. Just read my review here to find out why. The second is if you’ve completed The Witness and want to compare your experience to the videos here and discuss the insane secrets that the island holds. 

You’ve been warned! There are spoilers from this point forward.

Let’s be clear, the following ending video is not for 100% completing the game. I activated all 11 lasers, proceeded to the top of the mountain and completed the puzzles contained within. The video that I captured is what happens after than moment. Because I know there are things I missed in the game, I’m certain that the events in the ending can change depending on what you’ve completed (for example, it’s possible to enter the mountain with only 7 of the 11 lasers active).

The Witness Ending – 11 Lasers Active, No Pillars Completed

Relatively anticlimactic yeah? I’m continuing to scour the game to uncover the true ending, but honestly, The Witness isn’t about the end or the completion of the game. It’s about the discoveries that you make along the way. Discoveries about the puzzles, about how your own mind works to solve them, and about the mysteries the island holds. 

Speaking of mysteries, I found this little gem shortly after I finished the game when I started it up for the second time. Behold, the secret credits room, which I think houses even more secrets itself.

The Witness Secret Credits Room

Something interesting that I discovered while doing a bit of research for this post is that the video that plays at the ending of the secret credits room can be different. No idea what criteria needs to be met to see each one, or even how many there are, but this video from another YouTube user shows a completely different and much longer ending video than the one that I got. 

There’s also a secret theater room beneath the windmill that will showcase six different video clips if you have the right patterns to activate them. We’re working on getting each of those clips posted so that we can discuss and decipher their meanings. 

What do you think of the ending to The Witness? What about the secret credits area? Have you found any secrets on the island that you want to share? This is a safe area for spoilers, so feel free to discuss The Witness in detail in the comments below.

“Spoiler Alert” is a feature from PlayStation LifeStyle that showcases the latest games’ ending(s), and gives the community a safe place to come and discuss spoilers with other people. If you want to see the latest game endings and talk about it, you’ve come to the right place!

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