Quick Tips – The Witness

If you’ve read our review of The Witness, then you’ll know I’m can’t get enough of this game. Even after having played it for 25+ hours over the course of 10 days, I am still discovering new secrets, puzzles, and conundrums. Some of you are just starting out though, and may need a little push in the right direction, so The Witness is the latest subject of our Quick Tips series. 

Being overly conscious of the experience being primarily in solving the puzzles, our tips will only help you to understand the basic and unchanging rules of the game, and will not be offering direct solutions to the later and much more complex puzzles (some of the early puzzles for each are showcased to help illustrate the rule). That being said, I would still urge you to not watch this video if you want a completely pure experience. 

For those wanting a spoiler-free tip, I will offer the following suggestion: Perspective. It’s a point that I tried to hammer home in my review. If you are ever stuck on a puzzle, try shifting your perspective, or go out and explore the island a bit to clear your head. It can also help to have a second person in the room to bounce ideas off of as you try to solve each puzzle. During my play time, a number of the more difficult solutions were found through the cooperative efforts and different perceptions of me and my wife. 

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Feel free to share your own hints and tips for The Witness in the comments below, but try to remain as spoiler free as possible.

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