Shedding Light on the Hidden Gems of 2016 That Need to Be on Your Radar

If 2015 proved to be “a little sparse” for PlayStation 4’s first-party lineup, then 2016 looks set to leave our wallets bare and spare time flagging. In the space of 12 months, Sony is primed to roll out a string of major heavy-hitters that have been on the hearts and minds of console owners for years, be it Uncharted 4 or the fabled release of Team Ico’s The Last Guardian.

Toss in Persona 5 and Guerrilla’s post-post-apocalyptic RPG Horizon Zero Dawn and, barring any delays, you have all the makings of an exciting year in Sony’s AAA corner.

Whether 2016 can evoke memories from some of the best years in console gaming — ’99, 2007, even 2011 — is still up for question, but it’s abundantly clear that developers are beginning to reach the honeymoon period of the current generation. That window two-to-three years into a hardware’s lifecycle where we begin to see the true potential buried under the jet-black hood of the PlayStation 4.

But fundamental to any great software library is diversity, and while these blockbuster releases will chew up the headlines over the course of the year, PS4 owners have a wealth of pixelated riches to look forward to outside of the AAA space. Even outside PlayStation VR and its own launch lineup, here are the hidden gems of 2016 that absolutely deserve to be on your radar.

Tell us, is there one game in particular that you’re holding out for in the list above? Or indeed is there a title that we missed out? Regale us with your hidden gems down below! 

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