Assessing the Highs and Lows of PlayStation VR’s First Wave of Games

First impressions are everything, as the old saying goes. And in the wake of Sony’s CES 2016 keynote, there’s an aura of cautious optimism resounding around the four corners of the industry in anticipation of Sony’s PlayStation VR.

While an official price point remains under lock and key (for comparison, Oculus Rift has been pegged at $599), the Japanese giant is barreling down on the final straight as it makes the necessary last-minute preparations to launch its second platform in three years. But although PSVR is venturing forth into largely uncharted territory, the potential success of the head-mounted device still hinges on two defining factors: yes, the asking price, but also the launch line-up. After all, what’s a piece of bleeding-edge hardware without the software to really help it shine?

Hushed Excitement

For a platform still very much in its infancy, PlayStation VR boasts a sizeable roster of diverse and interesting titles, from Guerrilla Cambridge’s hyper-kinetic shooter RIGS to Golem, Highwire Games’ adventure title that evokes more than a few memories from Shadow of the Colossus. Heck, even Tekken 7 will incorporate VR in some shape or form.

What’s really exciting is dreaming up where the medium could be in two-to-three years’ time. VR devices may be synonymous with simulators and first-person exploration titles now, but imagine for a brief moment the genres that developers are yet to experiment with, and that’s not even considering left-field experiences that blaze a path of their own.

Optimistic, sure, but let’s not dwell on future possibilities too much, too soon; instead, let’s revel in the feverish excitement as PlayStation VR takes its first steps to becoming Sony’s new kid on the block. With that in mind, we assess the highs and lows scattered across PSVR’s first wave of games.

Our selection in no way represents the entire PlayStation VR catalog; there are scores of other smaller games, not to mention existing titles such as Project CARS and DriveClub that will support PSVR when it eventually releases.

But the million-dollar question remains: What price point will Sony settle on for PlayStation VR?

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