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Assessing the Highs and Lows of PlayStation VR’s First Wave of Games

Greatness awaits?

horizon zero dawn 6

PlayStation Lists 20 Exclusives “That Make PS4 the Best Place to Play in 2016”

They’re all either full exclusive, console exclusive, or timed exclusive.


PlayStation Developers Choose Their Most Anticipated 2016 Game, There’s No Runaway Favorite

The end of 2015 is nigh.


Here’s the 21 PS4 Games You Need to Play in 2016, According to PlayStation Access

Video kicks off with No Man’s Sky.


6 Studios That Followed up Their Debut Game With Something New Entirely

Can you really capture lightning in a bottle?


Rumor: No Man’s Sky Might Be Undergoing Technical Complications

Uh oh…


PGW 2015: New No Man’s Sky Trailer, Game Releases in June 2016

You’ll have to wait many more months.


Hello Games: No Man’s Sky Development “Going Really Well,” Isn’t Stealth Releasing on October 27

Early Access isn’t right for No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky Screen

Watch Sean Murray Play No Man’s Sky on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

No, there’s still no release date.

No Man's Sky

Hello Games Co-Founder Sean Murray and PewDiePie to Be on The Late Show

October 1st and 2nd.


Some Planets in No Man’s Sky Will Feature Wacky Weather, Others Might Have “Very Deep” and Explorable Oceans

“There are things like rain, dust storms, snow, blizzards, storms and a bunch of other things possible.”


No Man’s Sky Release Date Hasn’t Been Announced yet Due to Things Outside of Hello Games’ Control

“It’ll be announced as soon as we can.”

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Hello Games Talks No Man’s Sky on Project Morpheus: “It’s Something We’re Thinking About”

“I don’t know what I’m allowed to say.”


No Man’s Sky Videos Tour New Planets, Explore the Planet Moncherev

Includes swimming and more.


Hello Games Founder: “I Thought We Would Be Heading for a Terrible Embarrassment” With No Man’s Sky

Thought “It would make no sense to people and that would be the end of the project.”

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No Man’s Sky “Wouldn’t Be Spoiled for You,” Even If You Watched Every YouTube Video of It

“Even if you watched every video, it still wouldn’t be spoiled for you”

BG 128 - No Mans Sky Exploring

Bad Gamers: Ep 128 – How No Man’s Sky Will Change the Industry

To boldly go…


No Man’s Sky’s Economy Explained by Hello Games

So many ways to make money.


Here’s 18 Minutes of No Man’s Sky Gameplay

It’s presented by Hello Games’ Sean Murray.


PlayStation LifeStyle Best of E3 2015 Awards

We pick the best of the best at this year’s big show.