No Man's Sky Twitch Drops

No Man’s Sky Twitch Drops for Fractal Update Features Sandworm Companion

Hello Games is once again featuring No Man’s Sky Twitch Drops to celebrate the new Fractal Update 4.1 that launches today, February 22. Most of the attention has understandably gone to the game having support for the PSVR 2 headset and the new Utopia Speeder Starship.

But there are almost 30 items that you can get for free just by watching people on Twitch play No Man’s Sky with the Fractal update. Apart from a lot of free ships, one of the best drops is an adorably vicious sandworm companion.

No Man’s Sky Twitch Drops start and end date

The No Man’s Sky Twitch Drops will start on Thursday, February 23, and end on Monday, February 27. By linking your PlayStation account to your Twitch account, and watching streamers playing the game with Drops Enabled, you can unlock a whole bunch of rewards. These can then be redeemed in the Quicksilver store on the Space Anomaly in the game.

This promotion will last for five days, with each day granting different rewards. It will take three hours to get all of the rewards for a particular day.

Some of the best Twitch Drops include five cool ships like Morozawa’s Ultimate Hand and The Ashes of Devastation, as well as several companions like the Pantheibea, Bearticatea, and Sandworm. The full list of rewards can be viewed here.

The No Man’s Sky 4.0 update that released in October 2022 brought Relaxed Mode and custom games.