No Mans Sky Leviathan Update

No Man’s Sky Leviathan Update Adds New Expedition Featuring Roguelike Gameplay and a Space Whale

The No Man’s Sky Leviathan update brings another swathe of content to the game. Expedition 7: Leviathan introduces a riff on roguelikes in the form of a time loop. As players travel through loops, they’ll have to collaborate with Specialist Polo to try and find a way to break free. As usual, there are a bunch of cool rewards for those who complete the expedition, including a unique, organic capital ship.

Here’s what’s new in the No Man’s Sky Leviathan update

Hot on the tail of the Outlaw update, the No Man’s Sky Leviathan expedition jacks up the difficulty considerably, and you’re expected to die. However, each time you perish, you’ll restart the loop with a new procedurally-generated loadout. That means if you couldn’t overcome the odds in one life, you may get that crucial piece of tech that you needed in the next.

You’re not alone in your efforts, either. As the community works toward the global goal, the frequency and quality of upgrades will increase for each loop. Though the gameplay is obviously different than what we’ve seen in No Man’s Sky before, there’s also an emphasis on story here. As you work to break the time loop with Specialist Polo, you’ll discover a mysterious creature called the Leviathan that is unlike anything previously encountered.

The Levithan expedition will run for around six weeks. After it concludes, your progress will be changed into a normal Survival Mode save, and you can continue playing it if you desire. However, Expedition Phase rewards are available across all save games once unlocked and can be redeemed at the Space Anomaly Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. Check out all the rewards on the official announcement.

Hello Games’ commitment to No Man’s Sky continues to impress, and we can’t wait to see what the studio has in store for the game next.

In other news, Sony seems to be fixing PS Plus upgrade pricing for discounted users, and Dino Crisis may be added to the PS Plus catalog in the future.