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No Man’s Sky 7th Anniversary Video Teases a New Update

Hello Games has released a new video celebrating the 7th anniversary of No Man’s Sky and teasing the next expansion for the popular title. The short anniversary video gives an overview of the many changes that have come to the popular sci-fi game since its infamously rocky start.

No Man’s Sky’s 7th anniversary video celebrates the game’s history and teases a new update

The No Man’s Sky 7th anniversary video gives viewers a whirlwind tour of the many new features that have come to the ambitious open-world title over the years. Tracing the game’s history from the Hello Games team celebrating its 2016 launch to footage of the recently released Singularity update and every major milestone along the way, the video is a walk down memory lane. The clip closes with text stating “Our Journey Continues” before the title for the game’s newest expansion, No Man’s Sky Echoes, fades into view. It’s unclear what Echoes will contain, though.

After wowing viewers with its reveal trailer at VGX in 2013, No Man’s Sky had a tremendous amount of hype surrounding its launch. While the game’s early trailers showed a galaxy teeming with life and endless adventure, No Man’s Sky’s 2016 launch left many players complaining that its procedurally generated universe failed to live up to Hello Games’ pre-release promises. Responding quickly to these complaints, Hello Games has released over 20 free updates to No Man’s Sky over the years that have addressed the game’s early shortcomings and added a massive amount of new content.  

The last year has seen Hello Games’ sci-fi sleeper hit arrive on two new platforms with the release of a Nintendo Switch version in October 2022 followed by No Man’s Sky for PSVR2 in February 2023. The developer isn’t limiting itself to its flagship title, though, with co-founder and managing director Sean Murray stating in a 2022 interview that Hello Games’ new project isn’t No Man’s Sky 2.