On The Division Beta Code Waitlist? Ubisoft Says You’re Unlikely to Get One


Ubisoft is now saying that waitlisters will have a tough time getting a beta code, and those who pre-ordered should receive one tomorrow:

Due to the unprecedented demand for access to The Division Closed Beta, we can no longer guarantee access. If you have already pre-ordered The Division and have yet to receive your key, we’re working closely with our partners to ensure that you receive it tomorrow when we send out the next batch of keys.

For those of you that have not pre-ordered but are on the waiting list for The Division Beta, please know that we want to get as many people in the Beta as possible. However, space will be severely limited for the rest of the beta testing phase due to high-demand.

Original Story:

If you’re on the waitlist for an access code to The Division beta, Ubisoft announced on their forums that they’ve received an unprecedented level of interest in the test, and you might not receive a code today:

We are seeing an unprecedented level of interest in The Division beta and we want to thank players for their enthusiasm and passion.

As a result, it is unlikely that the players who are currently on the waitlist will gain access to the beta today. Our goal is to grant access to all those players interested in playing The Division and we still hope to do so. Please check back tomorrow for an update on the status of the waitlist.

We thank you again for your excitement and understanding.

If you happen to have an extra beta code, feel free to leave it in the comments below for someone to use.

For those who would rather watch the beta, Ubisoft is streaming it 24/7 through Twitch until it ends on Sunday, January 31.

After The Division launches on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Ubisoft will bring out three major expansions that add new content, gameplay, and gear.

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