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Hideo Kojima Shares His Thoughts on the Games Industry Following Tour

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima recently wrapped up his tour, and continues to share with his followers all that he learned from his trip. On Friday, he tweeted his thoughts on the games industry, stating that it’s dependent on technology and that one needs to “keep running” to stay in the game. He wrote:

Game industry’s always been depended on the technology. Technology evolves on daily so as hardware and software. That’s why you need to keep running. The one who runs at his/her best, the one who runs strategically, the one who runs on his/her pace, the one who seeks the opportunity while running in the 2nd pack. You don’t need to be in the 1st pack all the time.

But once you take a break you will get way behind from the pack. I’ve visited in various studios and all of them have kept running without any rest. Such sense of distance was our ‘shared language.’ I can ‘keep running’ because such top groups exist all over the world.

Prior to this, Kojima offered his thoughts on technology being used to “make magic.”

So I may conclude that the game creation is to use the magic to this real world with the use of the latest technology. Or to say, to make the dream of the people in this real world come true by magic. But just having technology doesn’t mean you can make magic.

Human resources who can maneuver technology and the environment to pull out their talent is necessary. And the most importantly the vision of the studio has to be accurate in order to embrace technology, human resources, and environment. With all these facts make the latest technology magic.

And what I’ve learned the most in this trip: start up the new studio, hire the staff to work with, find the office, construct organization, work on the latest technology, and step into the challenge of creating the new magic. This might sound as if I’m starting over from scratch.

But I got fans supporting me, friends who share my dream, all over in this world. So it’s not starting from scratch. I continue creating the cutting-edge game that I’ve been doing for 30 years, as always done.

We certainly look forward to seeing what Kojima works on next!

What do our readers think of his statements?

[Source: Hideo Kojima (Twitter)]