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Take-Two CEO Confident About Grand Theft Auto’s Future Following Leslie Benzies’ Departure

Having revealed the company’s Q3 (ended December 31, 2015) financial report, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has expressed his confidence in Grand Theft Auto‘s future despite Leslie Benzies’ recent departure. During a post-earning briefing, Zelnick answered a question pertaining to Benzies’ departure, who has played a key role in the franchise, stating that he’s confident about the future. 

We’re really proud of the team approach that we have here at our company–and we have a very broad and deep team. We’re so proud of the deep and broad pool of creative talent. It’s our job to move ahead day and night without ever missing a beat. And that’s what we’re doing. 

In terms of our colleagues here at every level, we enjoy longstanding relationships with all the people who make this organization tick. We aim to be the best place in the business to work at. We are imperfect, of course, and I’m especially imperfect. But our track record speaks for itself.

We have extraordinarily long-term relationships [with our employees] and I’m highly confident they will continue.

When he asked if he knew anything about Benzies’ future plans, Zelnick refused to comment but said that he wished him the best.

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[Source: GameSpot]