Final Fantasy XV Feature Will Let You View 3D Models of Characters, Concept Art Mode Planned

Answering questions on the official game forums (translated by Square Enix Community Manager Dan Seto), Final Fantasy XV UI Planner Noda Takahiro revealed that there will be a way to view character models in 3D:

There will be a feature which will allow you to view enemies, characters, weapons and food in 3D models and your progress through the game will determine which models you will be able to see. However, I’m afraid we have no plans to implement this function for in game items.

When asked about a concept art and CG gallery mode, Takahiro said, “I’m afraid we cannot explain any details at this stage, however, we are planning to have this feature in the game.”

Lastly, Takahiro revealed how elaborate the photo mode will be Final Fantasy XV:

Prompto freely takes photos during your journey and you can view theses photos freely. I’m afraid the camera function will not be a fully-fledged photography mode but we bet that the photos will serve as a great memory of your journey together.

If you’re looking to attend the Final Fantasy XV release date event on March 30 at the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood, tickets will be available today at 4pm PT/7pm ET through the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered website. For everyone else, it will be livestreamed through YouTube and Twitch.

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