PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 Post-Beta Changes Include Additional Quests and Multiplayer Region Selector

Following the recent Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 multiplayer beta, EA has detailed all the changes and additions made to the game in light of player feedback. As the team promises to continue fine-tuning, the following patch notes have been released:

New Features

  • Added Region Selector to choose which multiplayer server to connect to in Multiplayer Portal.
  • Added some additional quests to the Backyard Battleground.
  • Improved presentation for Super Boss Waves in Ops modes.
  • Improvements to stickers in sticker shop for better readability.
  • Numerous quality fixes

Additional Changes:

  • Characters hit with the toxic buff now spread toxic damage to close teammates.
  • Gooped characters now have a uniform look speed penalty.
  • Healer Improvements – Scientists and Sunflowers revive teammates to 100% health (all other characters revive to 50%).
  • Fixed respawn/revive invulnerability timer.
  • Pirate Cannon, Pirate Barrel, Engineer Turret, Whirlwind, and Impkata can now be dispelled by the Spikeweed.
  • Increased number of Vanquishes required to fill Legendary Meters.
  • Fixed bug where Burrowed Chompers could move the Balls in Space mini game.
  • Impkata and Husk Hop are now dispelled by knockback.
  • Drone cooldowns now continue on death/respawn.
  • Decreased camera flinch when receiving damage.
  • Many other bug fixes!

Tuning Notes


  • Slightly reduced movement speed for most characters (exception – Super Brainz, Chomper, Sunflower, Scientist)

Kernel Corn

  • Increased corn weapon damage


  • Laser will overheat faster
  • Shield strength decreased


  • Damage increased
  • Reduced stamina cost for Arcane blast when in Arcane Enigma form
  • Rose Magic Thistles target-lock improvements. This allows the player to move the crosshair off of their target for up to 0.5s before they lose the lock.
  • Rose now does regular damage to Mechs instead of blocked damage.

Super Brainz

  • Removed ammo for punches and allow for infinite punching
  • Increased fist beam strength
  • Reduced cooldown times for all abilities to allow more frequent ability usage
  • Significantly increased whirlwind damage


  • Reduced ammo count for primary weapons
  • Increased gravity grenade cooldown time
  • Greatly reduced Impkata range and damage
  • Reduced Z-Mech Health
  • Improved biotic pull for Z7-Mech

Captain Deadbeard

  • Significantly Improved barrel protection


  • Engineer turret now uses Mechanic crosshair instead of Default Engineer crosshair.
  • Reduced Jackhammer time
  • Engineer turret improvements for damage and projectile speed


  • Vampire Sunflower now does Regular, Blocked, and Critical damage instead of just Regular damage.

For complete tuning details, follow the source link below. And for more on PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, check out our previous coverage.

[Source: pvzgw2.com]