Firewatch Performance Improvements on PS4 Being Discussed With Sony, Says Campo Santo

In the Firewatch review thread on NeoGAF, Campo Santo developer cabel addressed issues people have been having with Firewatch’s frame-rate on PlayStation 4, saying they’re in talks to fix it:

FWIW, we’re currently talking to both Sony and Unity and we’re all working hard to to optimize performance of Firewatch on PS4.

It’s tricky, because it really requires all three partners working together to improve — it’s not something we can tackle on our own, unlike a game bug — but we’ll definitely continue to patch all platforms with every content and performance fix we can over time!

To summarize: we’re on it. 🙂

Asked about the 330MB update today for Firewatch, Campo Santo said, “Few small fixes! Probably will be more in the next few days as there are way more configs now than we ever could have tested.” There’s also more languages in development and they’ll “announce them as they appear.”

As part of our Firewatch review, we highlighted the performance drops on PS4:

Although unequivocally fantastic, the world around you is somewhat hindered by an incessantly choppy frame rate. Especially expansive views or busy fields cause the game to struggle, the frames plummeting. It’s the only hiccup of note and, although not constant, it certainly compromises the most distinguishing feature in Firewatch’s repertoire. In this age of post-launch patches it’s more than likely such a minor technological flaw will be patched out, but it cannot be ignored through such hopes alone.

Firewatch is now available to download on PS4 for $19.99, with PlayStation Plus members saving 10% until February 16. There’s also a premium theme (above) for $3.49.

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