Prey Demo Runs at 1080p/30fps on PS4, Input Lag & Music Issues Will Be Fixed By Launch

Taking the free Prey demo for a spin, Digital Foundry discovered that it runs at 1080p on PlayStation 4 and 900p on Xbox One, and it “holds 30 frames-per-second nearly 100 per cent of the time” on PS4.

However, Digital Foundry noticed that “controller input on PS4 is sluggish and the game feels very unresponsive as a result making it difficult to deal with enemies.” The good news is that Bethesda Community Lead gstaff confirmed on NeoGAF that it will be fixed in the final release:

To address input lag, the fix within the final release in the game changes the raw input curve on the PS4 controller to be more responsive at the low end, and to tweak responsiveness to the center point on the controller (narrowing the dead zone.). The net result is faster/more responsive movement.

Digital Foundry also discovered that loading times in the Prey demo are around one minute on PS4, but dying and respawning only takes about eight seconds.

As for the reported audio issues from players where the music blasts whenever an enemy appears and keeps on going, gstaff said, “We’ve been actively reading your thread and feedback (thanks!), and the issues concerning audio will be addressed in the release version of the game.”

Expect Digital Foundry to take a look at the full game later this week.

In other Prey news, Bethesda and Arkane recently revealed the Trophy/Achievement list. You can see the full spoiler-filled image over here, with a few highlights below:

  • Press Sneak – Read all the emails on Talos I
  • Intrinsic Value – Recycle yourself
  • Do No Harm – Complete the game without killing any humans
  • I and It – Kill every human on and around Talos I
  • Mimic Massacre – Kill five mimics in five seconds

Prey releases this Friday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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