Retailer Listing Suggests There’s a Prey VR That May Launch on PlayStation VR

According to a since-deleted listing on ShopTo, something called Prey VR may be in the works for PlayStation VR. A screenshot of the listing simply shows a PS4 game case, complete with two notable markers–“Only on PlayStation” and “PlayStation VR Required.” Further adorning the case in question is the title for Prey VR in all white against a black backdrop. With so little to go on, it’s hard to discern whether this serves as a new Prey project or something related to Typhon Hunter, free DLC that features VR modes.

Twitter user Nibel spotted the Prey VR listing on ShopTo before it became an 404 page. Check out Nibel’s screenshot of the original webpage in the tweet linked below:

It is worth noting that Typhon Hunter is available digitally. As such, it seems possible Bethesda and Arkane may have plans for a physical edition that’s presently using a place holder name. However, such a move does seem a little strange given that the VR modes are packaged in with Prey’s multiplayer offering. There are also those who think the since-removed ShopTo listing is a mistake all around, but that appears like even more of a stretch.

If Prey VR is in the works, it’ll be interesting to see when and how Bethesda shares the news. Despite previous plans to host an E3 showcase, the publisher will not run a digital event similar to other companies.

Prey: Typhon Hunter is available now via the PlayStation Store and Steam for free.

[Source: ShopTo via Nibel on Twitter]