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Bethesda Isn’t Hosting a Digital Showcase to Replace Its Typical E3 Conference

The last few years have seen Bethesda host its own E3 press conference to show off games and share updates. However, due to the cancellation of E3 2020, such a showcase is impossible. Several other publishers have already teased digital events that will run in E3’s stead. Because of challenges caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Bethesda will not be among those companies hosting digital showcases in June.

Pete Hines, Senior VP of Marketing/Communications at Bethesda, announced as much this morning in a Twitter post. While a digital event is off the table, Hines did note that Bethesda still has news to share. The publisher will have to deliver information in a different fashion in the coming months, though.

Hines’ tweet reads as follows,

The timing of this may seem suspect due to it being April 1, but we don’t think it’s likely this is an elaborate April Fool’s joke; rather it just seems like poor timing for the announcement.

It’s anyone’s guess as to how much information Bethesda will have to unleash once the timing is right. MachineGames may be hard at work on its third mainline Wolfenstein installment. The team at Arkane Studios has Deathloop in development, a first-person action title revealed during Bethesda’s E3 2019 conference. Though id Software recently launched DOOM Eternal, the studio previously teased post-launch content plans. Some of that DLC may consist of single-player content. And, of course, Bethesda Game Studios is developing The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield.

Coronavirus is impacting another Bethesda event, as well. The publisher and id Software told fans yesterday that this year’s QuakeCon won’t take place. While the two are brainstorming other ways to celebrate the convention’s spirit, no concrete details have been confirmed as of yet, and given the nebulous and uncertain nature of the virus, it’s unlikely we’ll know anything certain soon.

[Source: Pete Hines on Twitter]

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