DOOM Eternal’s BATTLEMODE Multiplayer Will Have 5 Demons to Start, Post-Launch DLC for Free

Some new details were revealed surrounding DOOM Eternal‘s multiplayer BATTLEMODE, during the QuakeCon 2019 keynote. It was previously revealed that BATTLEMODE will be an unconventional, 2v1 experience, but this new information gives anxious fans a sneak peek of what to expect when it comes to the mode’s different playable demons and their respective play styles.

DOOM Eternal‘s BATTLEMODE will feature five different playable Demons and six maps at launch. The 2v1 mode is inspired by the game’s brutal single-player action. One player takes control of the DOOM Slayer and hunts the demons, while the other two players use the demon’s abilities to try and kill the DOOM Slayer. During the event, all five of the launch demons were revealed and but only three were detailed.

The Revenant wears a jetpack and uses rockets to dominate the battlefield. The Pain Elemental flies and uses a Soul Shield to absorb incoming damage. The Mancubus is a beefy character with lots of health, heavy cannons, flamethrowers, and smoke bombs that uses its skills to pressure the DOOM Slayer at close range. At the end of the presentation, a short glimpse at the remaining two demons was shown. The Archvile, makes use of fire and The Marauder wields a large axe. Though the demons have unique individual abilities, there are also universal abilities they can use as well. Each demon can block the Slayer’s attempts to regain resources, as well as placing down environmental hazards which can damage the DOOM Slayer. They can also summon AI enemies to complicate things even more.

The DOOM Slayer comes fully loaded with all of his weapons, mods, and equipment to give the player the best shot possible at defeating the demons. Much like in the single player, the DOOM Slayer can perform glory kills on AI enemies to regain health, kill them with the chainsaw to regain ammunition, or burn them to regain armor. Each map has been designed so that the DOOM Slayer can traverse with ease, using jump pads and monkey bars to evade attacks.

It was also revealed that the demons can see the player’s outline at all times including through walls, but if the Slayer leaves the demons’ field of view, his outline will vanish. Each map has two portals on opposite sides of the map which the Slayer can use for a quick getaway, but players will need to be careful that the demons don’t set up an ambush on the other side. When the Slayer kills one of the demons, a 20-second respawn timer will count down. If the player kills the second demon during that countdown, they will win the round. If the player fails to kill the second demon, the killed demon will respawn with half health.

Each match will consist of five rounds. In between rounds, players can pick various upgrades, abilities, and even super weapons which can be used in later rounds. If the demons win a round, they can summon the Baron of Hell, and if the Slayer wins a round they can use the BFG 9000. It was also revealed that BATTLEMODE will be receiving new maps and demons for free through post-launch DLC.

DOOM Eternal is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia on November 22, 2019. The game is a sequel to 2016s DOOM reboot. Some of the early gameplay shown for DOOM Eternal at Bethesda’s E3 press conference this year showed off a new Mars level, in which the DOOM Slayer was shown taking out Demons with ease, as usual, using various weapons including the Heavy Assault Rifle and a chainsaw!

What do you think of DOOM Eternal‘s BATTLEMODE? Will you be trying out the multiplayer component when the game launches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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