Prey Review Copies Aren’t Going Out Early, Free Demo Now Available

Prey doesn’t release until May 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but if you want to play it early, the free demo is now available through the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe) and other digital stores. It lets you play the opening hour of the game and is a 13.6GB download.

If you’re planning on buying Prey, the digital pre-order through the PlayStation Store is 10% off for PlayStation Plus members. Depending on your region, the PS4 version of Prey will take up between 38.2GB and 39.5GB, Bethesda has confirmed. Additionally, there will be a day one update, but further details weren’t provided today.

“Future patches and DLC will increase the free space requirements [of 42GB at launch],” Bethesda adds. “The maximum amount of space for save files allocated to the title is 1 gigabyte, with at least 44.05 megabytes of space required to create the profile on first boot, and each save file requiring 10.49 megabytes of space.”

Pre-loading for the PS4 version of Prey will begin at midnight EST on April 28 in North America, and at midnight by territory on April 29 in Europe. It will then unlock at midnight by territory on Friday, May 5.

When Game Revolution reached out to Bethesda regarding Prey review copies, the company said, “Per your question, Bethesda’s previously outlined policy on distribution of review copies is still in place.” This means Prey review copies will be sent out to reviewers on Thursday, May 4.

Will you be downloading the demo?

[Source: Bethesda, Game Revolution]