Arkane Talks The Future of Dishonored, Alleged Email Suggests Arkane is Working on Prey 2

After that, well, RPS talked to Raphael Colantonio, Co-Creative Director on Dishonored, to see if they’re going directly into the development of another Dishonored game:

I can’t say exactly what we’re working on yet, but I can say that it’s definitely going to be a similar type of game. Choices, multiple objectives, branching paths, and things like that. Those are our core values and they will stay that way.

While Colantonio couldn’t confirm Dishonored 2, he did answer the question of if the series will feature a silent protagonist in the future, or someone more talkative:

We always come back to the same thing: both can work and be done well. It’s gonna be interesting. We’re thinking about this very exact topic right now, though. It’s at the heart of our discussions right now. Are we gonna go with a silent protagonist or not? Doing that with Daud was a way for us to test a little bit. See if people like it. So it will also depend on what we hear from players [after they finish Brigmore Witches].

Also, not naming any names, Raphael said, “For future games, we’ll definitely make sure we try to support it better” when referencing striking a good balance between awesome powers when playing stealth or head-on, instead of all the cool powers relegated to the head-on approach.

Continuing to talk about the future of Dishonored, they “might be interested by multiplayer” as along as it doesn’t go against the storytelling, with them “keeping an eye out for ways to do multiplayer the right way.” As well, Raphael was asked if there were any other locations he’d want to visit other locations, replying, “There are a few places we could go and explore given the opportunity. Definitely the islands around, but also all the big continents. Anything is possible.”

Finally, Raphael was asked, “So you guys and Prey 2? Definitely not happening?” He said in response, “No. We’ve been looking at where that rumor came from, and I really don’t know.”

In a supposed email from Colantonio (via Kotaku) in May though, he talked about how Arkane Austin (there’s another Arkane studio in Lyon, France) was now working on Prey 2:


And once the Prey 2 at Arkane news was leaked, he sent out another one:


The mystery of Prey 2 keep getting deeper and deeper, but it at least looks like it’s being worked on, thanks to the work of press sneak fucks.