Dungeons 2 Invades PS4 on April 22 in Europe, April 26 in North America

A PlayStation 4 console exclusive, Dungeons 2 from Kalypso Media and Realmforge is releasing on April 22 in Europe and April 26 in North America through retail and digital stores.

Already available on PC, Dungeons 2 for PS4 is the “ultimate version” and includes three DLC packs – A Chance of Dragons, A Song of Sand and Fire, and A Clash of Pumpkins – as well as the Morningwood and Pixie Village maps, which were previously available through pre-orders. Each DLC pack adds three skirmish maps.

Lead Producer Christian Schlütter talked about Dungeons 2 on the PlayStation Blog, saying it’s a dungeon management simulation where you play as a Dungeon Lord cursed into a half-life and bonded to his throne:

With the ethereal “Hand of Terror,” you take direct control over your fledgling army of worker Snots as you begin to restore your evil dominance. Building out your dungeon, you will gain experience and gather gold, allowing you to enlist more and stronger creatures to do your bidding. Soon, your range of minions will expand to include beer-drinking Orcs, Goblin assassins, and boulder-throwing Trolls.

Eventually you will send your army of destruction to the ready-to-be-conquered Overworld. This is where Dungeons 2 switches from dungeon management to traditional RTS gameplay. Managing dungeons while restoring evil across the land are two fulltime jobs, and a successful Dungeon Lord needs to find the perfect balance between underground dungeon management and aboveground RTS.

The Dungeon Lord does have a lot of skills and utilities to ensure a proper working dungeon. Multiple types of rooms can be built to keep the gold and supplies flowing. Naga can mine mana to craft defensive and offensive spells, whereas Goblins are pretty crafty and can build brutal dungeon traps for when bold humans enter looking for gold and glory. Nothing says “keep out” like an exploding treasure chest to the face.

As mentioned above, Dungeons 2 will also include multiplayer. According to Steam, there’s four multiplayer modes for up to four players.

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