Firewatch Dev “Bummed” About PS4 Performance Issues

Campo Santo’s Firewatch recently launched with some performance issues on the PlayStation 4 that saw players experiencing choppy frame-rate on the console. Although the developer has promised that it’s working around the clock to fix the problems, the team says that it’s “super fucking bummed” that the issues exist in the first place, especially since they didn’t occur on test kits. Over on Reddit, studio co-founder Sean Vanaman wrote:

We’re really trying, I promise! I’ve played the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours on PS4, and maybe because it’s on test-kits and some retail boxes are different I personally didn’t experience these things. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I want to unequivocally say it wasn’t like we sat in a room, saw this stuff and went “eh, screw it, sell it anyway.” We’re super fucking bummed that this is happening for some people and we’re working actually, literally, around-the-clock on it.

A release window for the fixes has not been announced yet, but we’ll update our readers when we have more info on that alongside the patch notes.

[Source: Reddit via Destructoid]